Interview: Caro Gehrig on MTB travel and upcoming women riders camp

Caro Gehrig of Twins MTB Racing team talks about how she got into mountain biking and the upcoming Women’s Trail & More bike camp in Laax, Switzerland.

Tell us about yourself and where it all began.

My brother was into cross country mountain biking and we went to see him race. That planted the seed. I got my first mountain bike when I was 16. Me and my sister loved skiing and when we moved to Laax, we really got into mountain biking. We started racing together and the rest is history!

What do you love the most about mountain biking?

I love the technical aspects of mountain biking. I love the thrill and flow of riding, being outdoors and good times with friends. Racing brings us to some incredible mountain bike destinations. It’s an opportunity to see the world.

What’s it like riding in Laax?

There’s a combination of flow trails and high alpine routes with more technical terrain. It’s a beautiful place to ride. One of my favorite trails has to be Krete Nagens trail into the Green Valley.

Tell us about the Women’s Trail & More bike camp in Laax

We started running the camps about 7 years ago. Back then there were no platforms for women to ride, progress and build confidence together. A community of women riders has now grown out of that. Ladies that became friends through the camps went on bike trips to other countries and such together. It’s something we’re super proud of.

Who’s the Trails & More camp for?

It’s ideal for intermediate mountain bikers to progress their skills and develop the confidence to take on more challenging terrain. We have a session about mental training from a professional coach who’s helped me in my racing career and a yoga session to mix things up with riding. The main aim is to ride as many trails as possible, have a good time out there and inspire one another to progress!

What happens at the camp?

It happens over 3 days and there’s a programme of activities on and off the saddle. There are guided rides and about 8 different coaches for different groups. We have some of the latest all mountain and enduro bikes from Norco to test and our photographer will be there to capture the action (pics shared on Flickr). Apero and dinner with local treats and veggie options are served at the ultra cool Riders Hotel. And on the morning of the last day there’s a yoga session.

Can we come?!

Yes! There are still a few tickets left. The camp runs 4-6 September. You can fly to Zürich and if you want to come by public transport, it’s fine to bring your bike on trains and buses. There’s a train from Zürich to Chur and then a bus to Laax. See you there 🙂

For more details, check out TWINS WOMEN’S TRAILS & MORE – 3 DAY CAMP.

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