Easy hike a bike

How to be unstoppable!

Never turn your back on a trail again with this step by step guide to hiking your bike

Riding natural trails is all about the thrill of the great unknown and even if you’re Danny MacAskill, there will be sections where you just have to carry your bike, particularly when riding in the Alps.

To start with, you’ll need a bit of upper body strength. An average full suspension bike weighs in at around 15kg and whilst easily carried, the lifting part can be tricky. Many a time have I trapped something or just went for it without a second thought and regretted it, at least my back did! Building some upper body strength and a strong core makes this exercise so much easier – I’ve been there! The good news is  Carbon SCOTT 920 bikes, carbon being the key word here, are going to make light work of any hike-a-bike section. Nonetheless, a bit of practice nailing this technique will turn many a dead end into an endless ride.


Step 1

  • Start by making use of the sloped terrain or any elevated feature and place the bike above you.
  • Position the bike so that the chain is on the opposite side.
  • Stand at arms length from the bike with your feet apart.

Step 2

  • Squat with one knee to the ground.
  • Turn the pedal on your side to its lowest position and grab the pedal crank with your right hand.
  • Grab the fork with your left hand.

Step 3

  • Hold the bike firmly.
  • In one swift movement, lean the bike towards you and use your legs to lift the bike.
  • Rest the frame on your right shoulder.

Lifting essentials:  Strong grip, feet apart, straight back, one knee on the ground, lift with the legs.


Before you get going, make sure the bike is resting comfortably on your shoulder. Use your left arm to adjust the load. As you climb, look for good footing. Look ahead, stand up straight and keep a wide stance to maximize your stability.


Step 1

  • Find a clear spot to put the bike down, ideally up the slope. 
  • Keep a wide stance.
  • Keep your back straight.

Step 2

  • Bend your legs to a squat.
  • Place one knee on the ground.
  • Place the back wheel on the ground first.
  • Lift the front wheel over your head and then rest it on the ground.

Step 3

  • Straighten up the bike and if you’re not completely knackered, you’ve done a good job!
  • Keep thinking about that Carbon SCOTT 920 in Switzerland – the one with your name on it!

Practice this technique on any steep trail or otherwise a solid set of stairs makes an ideal training ground. Happy Hiking!

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