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Bike holiday updates

Keeping you abreast of the COVID-19 situation across our different bike resorts. Check out the latest updates below. Resort updates According to the President of the Swiss Confederation, Simonetta Sommaruga, holidays in Switzerland will be possible this summer. Mountain bike resorts Davos Klosters and Flims Laax in Switzerland are slowly reopening with social distancing and …

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Pure MTB mountain bike sign waymark Switzerland

MTB Essentials – Epic route planning – Switzerland

After three months mountain biking in Switzerland, apart from mind blowing vistas and a serious reduction in cellulite, what amazes me the most is the incredible variety of trails on offer. There’re riding options for all levels of fitness and ability, from reviving long forgotten muscles to hike-a-bike sessions good enough for a place in …

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Adula Alps - mountain bike - how to hike a bike

Easy hike a bike

How to be unstoppable! Never turn your back on a trail again with this step by step guide to hiking your bike Riding natural trails is all about the thrill of the great unknown and even if you’re Danny MacAskill, there will be sections where you just have to carry your bike, particularly when riding …

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How to build endurance for mountain biking

Endurance Training Tips Mountain biking is an incredible, multi-faceted sport requiring not only technical skill, nerves of steel and muscle power, but also the physical and mental capacity to overcome fatigue. Measured through the body’s aerobic and anaerobic capacity, endurance is all about staying strong and focused in the saddle – the greater your endurance, …

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Mountain biking fuel

SWISS Bircher Muesli – top of the Alps!

Mountain bike nutrition tips The raw, unprocessed ingredients that make up this classic Swiss breakfast are especially beneficial for mountain biking. Building strength and endurance means following a mountain biking diet that supplies the body with the energy and nutrients it needs to develop efficiently. Skipping breakfast and downing supplements only generates deficiencies that hamper …

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Pure MTB fitness strength exercises muscle mountain bike training Alps Switzerland

Muscle up!

MOUNTAIN BIKE FITNESS TIPS That’s right, muscle up folks it’s time for some strength training. I’m not talking about muscle bulk here. This is about muscle strength and endurance. I mean riding up that long rooty section and powering over that extra gnarly bit. I’m talking maximum stability when those rocks want to pinball you. …

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