Adula Alps - mountain bike

Adula range – Malvaglia ROUTE – Ride on!

Val Malvaglia

A spectacular trail for anyone new to riding the raw stuff. Despite cathedrals of mountains towering straight up, this trail is surprisingly gentle. Hidden away just south of the awesome Mount Adula, it’s a great all-rounder with stunning flow sections, a fair level of exposure, steady climbs and coffee and cake to finish.


Countless waterfalls in every corner carve up the walls of this awe inspiring valley. Waterfalls are also pretty interesting to ride. Wet feet included.

Adula Alps - mountain bike trail - waterfall
Adula Alps - mountain bike trail - waterfall
Adula Alps - mountain bike trail

Temperatures on a trail like this vary tremendously. In the shelter of the forest, the sun warms the pine needles and everything feels soft and fuzzy. Turn a corner into the wind and you’re riding through a mini snow storm! Best to come prepared, or BYO Luca!


Tarmac climbs are something to be appreciated around these parts. This is how the trail begins, a nice warm up before gradually ascending into an off road climb.

Adula Alps - mountain bike trail

Come on, get that core engaged!

Nice bit of momentum!

Adula Alps - ride fuel

Whilst this trail is below 2000m, it’s still easy to get short of breath. The air is definitely different up here. It’s important to maintain energy levels and hydrate. Items such as this monolithic picnic bench are essential to an efficient recovery.


After wrestling a few rocky sections, this trail rewards its riders with some seriously sublime flow. Fly across high alpine pastures, skim past stony hamlets down into thick pine forests. Mind the view.

Hat off to the locals for digging this endless stretch – having encountered boulders about the size of Obelix’s menhir, I have no clue how this trail was built! Impressive to say the least.


Nothing wrong with a bit of apprehension at the sight of a sheer drop, especially when the trail starts to narrow. The key here is – stay loose in the hips and focus on the trail ahead. Bikes have a funny tendency to go where you look. And so the saying goes, ‘don’t look down’!


What better way to end a ride but with coffee and cake? Arguably beer. Either way, when it comes to top quality produce, this restaurant Sass Malt certainly pushes the boat out. A tasty end to a terrific trail.

Adula Alps - mountain bike trail

Beelining for the cake!

Adula Alps - Post ride

The real McCoy

Adula Alps - post ride

Mmm, apples and almonds

Pure MTB is based in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland known as Ticino, in the village of Campo Blenio set between the Adula and Gotthard mountain ranges. With direct access to over 250km of off-road single track, our location offers bikers of all abilities and experience the purest form of mountain bike riding. Check out our home page for details. 

Details of the route we followed including maps can be found via the Swiss Mobility website.